Providence Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are an everyday occurrence.  They can range in severity from a simple fender-bender to a major collision that can turn your life upside down in an instant.  When you are injured in an accident it is your best interest to speak with a qualified Rhode Island motor vehicle accident attorney in the Providence area.

According to the State of Rhode Island Department of Health, someone is injured in a car crash in the United States every 10 seconds at an average cost of $99 billion dollars a year.  Their statistics also show that Rhode Island’s injury rate is slightly higher than the national rate for all age groups involved in motor vehicle accidents, and young adults from ages 15 to 24 have the highest rate of motor vehicle fatalities and injuries.

If you are ever involved in a motor vehicle accident make sure that your rights and interests are protected.  Speak with a qualified Providence personal injury attorney as soon as possible.  Your injuries may seem minor or non-existent at first, however, injuries don’t always present themselves at the time of the accident.  Sometimes it takes a day or two for symptoms to begin.  If this is the case, having an attorney on your side can help you get the fair amount of compensation you deserve.  Injuries such as these can cause you to lose valuable time at work, impact your quality of life, and cause a great deal of pain.  Some injuries require a great deal of healing time, and sometimes, you may still have pain or other problems stemming from the injuries you received for the rest of your life.

Personal injury law can be complicated.  Motor vehicle accidents, as well as other types of personal injury cases have a statute of limitation.  This means that you have a set amount of time to file your case with the court.  If you do not bring your case to court within that specific amount of time (3 years is the statute of limitations for motor vehicle accidents in Rhode Island) you will then lose your right to file your case.  Your case must also be filed in the proper jurisdiction.  For example, if your accident happened in Providence, Rhode Island, your case will need to be filed with the court in Providence County.

After an accident has occurred make sure the police have been called to the scene.  They will take information from you, witnesses and other parties involved.  You can also exchange insurance information with the other parties involved.  The police will also take photographs of any damage.  If you are able, you may take photos or video of damage yourself.

It is then crucial for you to get proper medical treatment.  You may go to an emergency room via ambulance from the scene or seek medical attention from your primary care physician.  After examination, set up a consultation appointment with a Rhode Island motor vehicle accident attorney.  Consultations are free and, at that time, the attorney can take a look at your case and make a decision on how to proceed.  If the case is taken, your attorney won’t be paid until a settlement is made in your case.  Make sure you take all the information that you have, photos, video, police reports, witness information, insurance information, and medical records with you so your attorney can look at them.  From there, your attorney will then begin to investigate your case by securing information from insurance companies, physicians and others involved in your care.  Keep your attorney updated regarding your condition and provide any medical bills that you may incur.


An attorney can make an incident such as this much less stressful and you can focus on getting back to your regular routine.

Written By: Ronald J. Resmini

Last Updated : Tuesday, September 1, 2020