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Having an automobile accident is bad. Suffering injuries from that accident is worse. But that issue is often compounded when the other driver is not insured. While it is a crime in Providence and throughout Rhode Island to drive without insurance, nevertheless it happens at an alarming rate. In fact, the Insurance Research Council has estimated that one in seven Americans drive without insurance. In fact, Rhode Island ranks bottom 10 of states with the most uninsured drivers, at 18%.

Uninsured motorist provision

All is not lost, though. Virtually every Rhode Island insurance carrier’s policy includes an uninsured or underinsured motorist provision. What it means is this: if you are in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist, you have a claim against your own insurance carrier to help pay for your property damage and injuries.

Hit and run

The same concept applies in a hit and run. While you should make every effort to ascertain the license plate number of the other driver, sometimes it is simply not possible.

What is covered?

Generally speaking, but it often depends entirely on the driver’s policy, uninsured motorist clauses will cover bodily injury to the driver and usually the passengers in the driver’s vehicle. More often than not, it will also cover any damage to the policy holder’s vehicle as well.

Underinsured motorists

Underinsured motorist coverage functions basically in the same manner in Rhode Island. For instance, if a driver is involved in an accident with someone who only carries the state minimum coverage, underinsured motorist coverage policies are designed to make up the difference. That is, say the driver has $500,000 worth of medical bills arising out of the accident but the other driver’s policy only covers $20,000, the underinsured policy will pay the other $480,000. Bear in mind that the language in the driver’s policy often dictates the terms, so it is always best to consult with the attorneys at Resmini Law Firm to determine what is available under the policy.

We’ll work for you

The procedure for using a driver’s uninsured or underinsured policy can be complicated. Some states require the driver to first obtain a judgment against the other party before proceeding, while others require the driver to file suit against his own insurance company. In most cases though, simply notifying the insurer that he is represented by a skilled automobile insurance attorney causes them to act more quickly.

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Written By: Ronald J. Resmini

Last Updated : Wednesday, September 6, 2023