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If you have slipped and gotten hurt in a public place, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Falling is one of the leading causes of injury. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in five falls leads to serious injury. Those injuries can lead to daunting medical bills and other major costs. When you’ve been the victim of a slip and fall on someone else’s premises, it is very likely you aren’t at fault. To find out what your legal options are, you should contact the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, LTD., immediately to have a 100% free conversation about your potential case.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, LTD. have more than five decades of experience helping victims of slip and fall accidents. Our team of award-winning Fall River slip and fall lawyers know how to handle your case from the moment of injury to a major settlement.

After a serious slip and fall accident, you don’t have to struggle with pain, suffering, and financial difficulty alone if you contact the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, LTD. We’re available 24/7 to discuss your legal options with you. Just call our Fall River office at (508) 491-1025 to set up an appointment today.

Why You Need to Get a Lawyer

A fall can be much more than an embarrassing incident. In fact, they are one of the leading causes of death in the United States.
Many falls are caused by negligence on the part of the facility where the slip happened, but proving that negligence requires a full investigation, a great deal of legal knowledge, and access to experts.

Slip and fall cases often fall under the category of premises liability. There are many criteria that must be met in order to successfully bring a premises liability case. Meeting these requirements on your own can be difficult, if not impossible. A lawyer, however, will know exactly what it takes to prove negligence.

After a fall, victims often deal with physical and emotional trauma that can lead to months of rehab and a fear of falling, even if the physical damage can be healed. At that point, it is an incredible burden to expect victims to pursue compensation on their own from facilities that are at fault for the initial slip and fall.

A far better course for such victims is to work with a lawyer with access to the means of investigation, a thorough background knowledge of Rhode Island law, and experience winning slip and fall cases.

Why the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, LTD. Should Be Your Next Call

When you’re suffering from an injury, you want to make sure you put your trust in a law firm that has a proven track record of working closely with clients and winning slip and fall cases.

The Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, LTD., is proud of its record of more than 50 years of slip and fall victories. We have won many six and seven figure settlements for cases just like yours, some that have reached as high as $2,000,000.

Our office isn’t just a law firm; it’s a family, with three of founder Ronald J. Resmini’s sons working with him to represent the people of Fall River. One of our lawyers, Sam Sutter, Esq., was so concerned about the future of Fall River, he ran for mayor in 2014. That’s why you can count on us to be compassionate and understanding as you try to recover from a Fall River slip and fall incident. We care about what you are going through, and we want our community to be safe from slip risks.

Along with our history of big settlements and our connection to family and community, the lawyers at the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, LTD., have won numerous awards for our legal work. Ronald J. Resmini is a member of the Super Lawyers list of top Rhode Island attorneys and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. His three sons, Jason, Adam, and Andrew, have all been singled out for the Rising Star list of Rhode Island lawyers.

Our experience, knowledge, and personal attention to our clients has led to decades of success at the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, LTD. With us, every client’s case gets our full attention and the full set of our skills, knowledge, and drive.

Slip and Fall Cases We Handle

Many of the slips and falls that individuals suffer are the result of negligence on the part of those who own and operate the location where the fall occurred. This negligence can come in many different forms, but it all amounts to the same thing: someone’s negligence caused your fall, and they should be the one to pay for the suffering and financial burdens of the victims.

Some of the most common slip and fall cases that we see are the result of these circumstances:

  • A slippery surface with no warning to those passing by
  • Debris that hasn’t been cleared from a path
  • Uneven sidewalks or other surfaces that make it easy to trip
  • Ice and snow that hasn’t been cleared from a walkway
  • Stairs without a handrail
  • Uneven stairs or steps
  • Trash that has not been cleared away
  • Liquid or food spills that have not been cleaned up
  • Low ceilings with no warning for passersby
  • Potholes with no signs to call attention to them
  • Cords and ropes laying across a walkway
  • Carpet in poor condition

These and other slip and fall risks can lead to significant injury or even death. Injuries can include broken bones, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, hip displacement, and many other expensive and painful forms of harm.

Slip and Fall Victims: Contact Us Now

There’s no reason for you or someone you love to suffer from the repercussions of a slip and fall when you can find justice and compensation at the end of a single phone call.

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