Workplace Accident Attorney in WarwickFor most Americans, work is an important part of life. Even with every safety precaution and attention to detail, accidents happen at work. The National Safety Council reports that someone is hurt at work every seven seconds costing the economy millions of hours in lost productivity each year.

Workplace injuries can take a staggering toll. The financial burden of medical expenses and lost income that often follow a work injury can quickly become overwhelming. A victim of a workplace injury may suffer along with their entire family.

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    Compensation For Your Warwick Work-Related Accident

    When an accident occurs at work, there are several avenues that may be appropriate to claim compensation. A claim may qualify for workers compensation or disability payments. If workers or disability compensation is appropriate, there are important steps to take in order to process the claim.

    However, disability compensation is often inadequate for the suffering that a victim goes through because of a work-related accident. Disability compensation can be limited to only medical bills and lost work. Payments are often a reduced amount of the employee’s income. Sometimes, disability insurers try to downplay injuries in order to pay too little to deserving accident victims.

    Fortunately, there may still be ways for a workplace accident victim to recover for the full amount of their damages. A victim may have a wide range of tangible and intangible losses. The compensation available in a workers compensation or disability claim may be insufficient compared to the losses that the victim suffers because of the accident. However, an accident victim may work with our attorneys in order to bring a claim for a full range of damages including:

    • Emergency medical care
    • Doctors appointments to follow-up on treatment and rehabilitation
    • Physical therapy and occupational therapy
    • Help for mobility like walkers and scooters
    • Emotional suffering because of a changed lifestyle
    • Physical suffering and anguish
    • Mental injuries like PTSD, depression, anxiety and survivor’s guilt
    • Damage to your personal property
    • Travel to medical appointments
    • Replacement services for household assistance

    How To Bring a Claim After a Workplace Accident

    To determine how to claim compensation after a workplace accident, it’s important to investigate the cause of the accident. Even though it may seem like an accident is the employer’s fault alone, there may be other responsible parties. For example, if employees handle machinery, a machine may have a manufacturing defect. The defect may subject the machine manufacturer to legal liability for the victim’s injuries.

    In addition, employees often work with third-party contractors. A third party that is not the victim’s direct employer may be responsible for the events leading to the accident. Even if blame may not seem obvious, a legal professional may trace the accident back to the negligence of a third-party business or individual. Even a customer may be to blame for a workplace accident.

    When a third party causes the accident through negligence, a defective product or even because of a danger on the premises, the victim may be able to claim the complete range of damages. The process to bring a third-party personal injury claim is different than the process to file for workers compensation or disability payments. Filing a workplace accident claim means demanding compensation from the responsible parties and may include filing a legal complaint in the appropriate Rhode Island or federal court.

    Causes of Workplace Accidents in Warwick

    Warwick is a large city with diverse businesses. For employees who work in industrial trades, construction, retail, an office setting or in the service industry, a workplace accident is an ongoing risk. Some causes of workplace accidents include:

    • Too few or too many workers
    • Poorly trained workers; failing to terminate an unsafe worker
    • Hiring unqualified workers
    • Product defects with machinery or safety equipment; worn-out equipment
    • Overexertion
    • Unsanitary work conditions
    • Repetitive tasks
    • Fires and explosions
    • Getting caught or stuck by machinery; falling in machinery
    • Slips, trips and falls
    • Environmental hazards
    • Workplace violence

    Any workplace has a certain degree of inherent danger. When an accident occurs, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you trace the true cause of the events leading to the injury. Consulting with a Warwick workplace accident attorney may help you get a larger payment that you might receive if you try to handle your claim alone.

    How a Warwick Work Accident Lawyer Can Help

    Workplace Accident Attorney in WarwickAn attorney can assist an accident victim with the appropriate response to a workplace accident. They can assist with filing workers compensation paperwork with the goal of eliminating errors that cause delay and lead to denials. They can explore all avenues to bring a third-party claim that includes all allowed types of damages. In addition, they can guide you to the kinds of treatment that are appropriate and advantageous including vocational rehabilitation or cutting-edge treatment that your employer’s insurer may be hesitant to approve.

    Free Consultation with a Top-Rated Warwick Workplace Accident Attorney

    A workplace accident can create an uncertain future. A sudden accident can create uncertainty with a victim’s finances, their career, and their personal life. If death occurs, grief and uncertainty can seem insurmountable. If you or a family member is a victim of a workplace accident, you need help in this difficult time, and you need answers.

    The lawyers at the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, Accident & Injury Lawyers, Ltd. can offer the support, skill, and compassion that you need to help you through the legal process. We can help you with the investigation and claims process from start to finish and work to help you get the best possible result. Call the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, Accident & Injury Lawyers, Ltd. at (401) 751.8855 to begin.

    Written By: Ronald J. Resmini

    Last Updated : Tuesday, February 27, 2024