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We like to think that Rhode Island and the surrounding states have progressed to the point where lead paint, toxic mold and the like would no longer be a risk that we have to encounter. Sadly, this is not the case. Both in our homes and workplace, exposure to dangerous chemicals remains a daily issue. This exposure can lead to a wealth of health problems, serious injury and death. Exposure to asbestos, benzene, beryllium, silica, pesticides, hexavalent chromium, toxic mold, a dangerous medication, lead paint and host of other chemicals can constitute a legal claim called a toxic tort.

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    Many homes and businesses still have asbestos, though there are a number of other ways to be exposed to it. Longer term, exposure to asbestos can cause cancer, mesothelioma or any number of other health problems. Specific to asbestos is the length of time it can take for the damage to appear. In some cases, asbestos fibers can stay inside your body for a very long time and you not develop a disease such as lung cancer for as long as 35 years.

    Lead Paint

    Lead paint still exists. If you live in one of the many older homes throughout Rhode Island and New England, it is something that should particularly concern you. If you find lead paint in your home, not only should you take action to remedy the situation, very often medical problems arise. There is a particular danger to children, and there is no safe level of lead (though many will tell you otherwise). Lead is stored primarily in the bones and can remain with the exposed person for a lifetime. In some cases lead exposure can cause encephalopathy and even death.

    Toxic Mold

    Attorneys for Asbestos Toxicity Lawsuits in ProvidenceToxic mold can cause a wealth of health problems in a home or business. Too often the mold is simply painted over. Ultimately, this ineffective remedy can cause the exposed to suffer short term problems such as headaches, fatigue, rashes, flu-like symptoms, pneumonia, bronchitis, and chest and joint pain. Long term, though, mold exposure can cause lung cancer, liver issues and even brain injuries. Too often, insurance companies look for the cheap way out by not approving full mold removal, which is the only safe way to alleviate the problem. Should you find yourself exposed to toxic mold, there are a number of legal avenues available to you and the Providence Personal Injury Attorneys at the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, Accident & Injury Lawyers, Ltd. stand ready to protect your rights in toxic mold and other toxic tort cases.

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    Last Updated : Monday, February 26, 2024