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They don’t happen every day, but when they do, airplane crashes are devastating, usually with significant death tolls. Given Providence’s often treacherous weather, they occur far more frequently than any of us would like. Large scale commercial crashes get the bulk of the headlines because there are rarely survivors. However, small private planes and helicopters crash every day, but receive little or no coverage. Thankfully, deaths occur much less frequently in these types of crashes, but they often result in serious injury to the pilot and his passengers.

Legal Ramifications of an Airplane Crash

When any form of aircraft crashes, the legalities are complex. In addition to traditional negligence law, there are often state and federal regulations at play. Fortunately, the attorneys at the Resmini Law Firm have over 50 years of experience in and around Providence, Rhode Island. Our attorneys are skilled in maximizing the recovery for our clients in aviation accidents.

When a commercial airplane crashes, the survivors and loved ones of the deceased will be contacted quickly by an airline legal representative, eager to settle or explain the situation away. Too often, people feel that they have no other recourse and accept the offer. This is a mistake. Until a proper investigation is held, it is impossible to know the source of the crash. Often, it is simply wind shear or, in the case of the Hudson River landing, birds flying into the turbines, just freak accidents. Other times, though, the crash can be traced to pilot error or inadequate maintenance of the plane. In those cases, crash victims are entitled to recover from the airline.

Private Airplane Crashes

Private airplane crashes occur far more frequently than commercial airlines. The reasons for the frequency are multi-fold. That is, there is far less oversight of private planes that often depart from small landing strips. Furthermore, many of the private planes only have one engine. Obviously, then, when that engine malfunctions, the probability of a crash is virtually inevitable.  Nevertheless, the accidents occur for much the same reasons as their larger counterparts: pilot error, mechanical difficulties and inadequate maintenance.

Federal Aviation Administration Regulations

Whether commercial or private aviation accidents are complicated, given the Federal Aviation Administration regulations, general aviation principals and the complexity of airplane operation. The attorneys at the Resmini Law Firm are skilled the interpretation of those laws and know the experts required to properly investigate these types of accidents.

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Written By: Ronald J. Resmini

Last Updated : Tuesday, July 19, 2022