The Most Dangerous Intersections in Providence

As a resident of Providence, Rhode Island, you already know what makes the Creative Capital such a great place to live. Home to Brown University, Providence combines the sophisticated offerings of a big city with the pleasant comforts of a small town.

Providence’s New England charm does mean that it does not have dangerous road intersections. In fact, according to a report by the Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program, eight of the ten most dangerous interchanges in New England are in Rhode Island, and seven of those eight are right here in Providence.

The Providence car accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, Accident & Injury Lawyers, Ltd. have seen many collisions over the years, and we know which intersections are the most dangerous. We believe in helping people who have been hurt in car accidents in Providence, and it is our goal to make our community safer.

The following are some of the most dangerous intersections in Providence, based on the number of reported accidents:

  • Interstate 95 at Exit 18: According to the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDT), the second most dangerous intersection in all of Rhode Island is Interstate 95 at Exit 18 (Thurbers Avenue). In 2014, there were a total of 296 crashes at this intersection, with a breakdown of one fatality and 79 injuries from those car accidents.
  • Memorial Boulevard near Providence Place Mall: Another dangerous intersection to be aware of is Memorial Boulevard in downtown Providence. An average of 50 car accidents happen here each year, according to RIDT. With Providence Place Mall located on Memorial Boulevard, the high number of pedestrians creates danger for motorists and pedestrians alike. Drivers often fail to yield to pedestrians and obey one-way signs at this intersection. Pedestrians are often unaware of the traffic going on around them, and they fail to cross the streets at safe, designated points. The car accidents at this intersection are of grave concern because they often involve pedestrians being struck by a vehicle.
  • Interstate 95 at Exit 20: In a study by Time Magazine that has listed the top worst intersection in each state, Rhode Island’s contribution is Exit 20 on Interstate 95. This dangerous traffic spot is the connection to Route 6 in downtown Providence.
  • Interstate 95 at Exit 24: This intersection of I-95 and Exit 24 sees an increase in car accidents at peak rush hours because of congestion going to and from downtown.
  • Interstate 95 at Exit 25: This intersection of I-95 at Exit 25 often confuses motorists because Smithfield Avenue and North Main Street each have different lanes.
  • Interstate 95 at Exit 23: This intersection of I-95 at Exit 23 is confusing for many drivers who are trying to find the State House, and it has had a high number of serious car accidents.
  • Interstate 95 at Exit 22: This intersection of I-95 at Exit 22 tends to be so dangerous because of the high speeds at which cars travel when coming off the freeway at this particular exit.
  • Route 6 and Route 10: The intersection where Routes 6 and 10 come together has historically been the site of many car crashes each year.

Why does Rhode Island have so many dangerous intersections? Some say that drivers here are more aggressive, and others believe it has more to do with the concentrated number of motorists on the roads in densely populated New England. Whatever the reason, knowing that these interchanges experience a high volume of car accidents can help motorists be more aware and cautious when driving on them. Defensive driving tactics are a must when entering these dangerous intersections. The state of Rhode Island has been trying to improve these interchanges and campaign against texting while driving to decrease the number of crashes each year.

Concerned about the high rate of car accidents in Rhode Island, GoLocalProv compiled a list of fatalities and crashes at the most dangerous intersections in Rhode Island. Understanding where crashes are most likely to happen is the first step to taking extra precautions to avoid becoming the victim of a car accident. The following statistics give an idea of just how cautious motorists need to be at these hot spots:

  • I-295 at Exit 3: 95 total car crashes, 59 injuries, and one fatality in three years
  • I-95 at Exit 24: 134 crashes, 52 injuries, and one fatality in three years
  • I-295 at Exit 6: 144 crashes, 65 injuries, and one fatality in three years
  • I-95 at Exit 18: 232 crashes, 86 injuries, and one fatality in three years
  • I-95 at Exits 14 and 15: 254 crashes, 87 injuries, and one fatality in three years
  • I-95 at Exit 23: 98 crashes, 50 injuries, and two fatalities in three years
  • I-95 at Exit 22: 347 crashes, 54 injuries, and two fatalities in three years
  • I-95 at Exit 20: 217 crashes, 90 injuries, and two fatalities in three years

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Written By: Ronald J. Resmini

Last Updated : Friday, July 21, 2023