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Five hospitalized due to gas explosion at rowing machines manufacturer

A gas explosion at Warren, Rhode Island-based indoor rowing machines manufacturer WaterRower on Wednesday, December 7 resulted in two people getting burns, according to Warren Fire Chief Alexander Galinelli.

Galinelli said the injuries that the two people obtained were not life-threatening. Aside from the two people who got burned, three other individuals were hospitalized due to trauma. Investigators have attributed the explosion to a buildup of gas at the facility.

A rowing machine manufactured by the company has been shown in the Netflix drama series House of Cards.

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Collision between RIPTA bus and three vehicles hurts four

A crash that involved a Rhode Island Public Transit Authority bus and three vehicles on Saturday, December 3 on the Claiborne Newport Pell Bridge resulted in the injuries in two children.

A video from NBC 10 News, which showed the front and the side of the bus that figured in the Memorial Day weekend accident, gave us a glimpse of the bus moving along Newport traffic that was backed up in the right lane. It crashed into the line of vehicles, making a Nissan sedan turn slightly and crushing its trunk into the back seat. A pickup truck and a convertible were also damaged in the pileup.

RIPTA did not answer queries about who was operating the vehicle at the time of the accident. Names were blacked out in their submitted statements to the police.

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Assault by vehicle leaves Providence woman with injuries

Armais Kocharov went into police custody after he ran over his girlfriend with his vehicle. Both of the people are from Providence, Rhode Island. The assault occurred last Sunday, November 20.

The Central Falls Police Department and Central Falls Fire Department responded around 2 in the morning. They found a maroon Nissan Maxina parked at the intersection of Cowden Street and Fletcher Street. Also, they discovered the victim underneath the vehicle. Apparently, the two were arguing prior to her getting run over with the vehicle by her boyfriend.

The Central Falls Fire Department used air bags and wooden blocks to lift the car off the victim. She sustained severe leg and torso injuries and went to Rhode Island Hospital for the immediate treatment of her injuries.

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17 vehicles damaged by driver who lost control

One person had been hospitalized after an accident occurred at the Grecio Honda lot on Hartford Avenue on Route 6 in Johnston, Rhode Island on Sunday, November 6 at around 4:30 a.m.

According to preliminary investigations, a lone vehicle veered off the roadway and struck a utility pole before rolling over onto a parking lot, causing damage to 17 vehicles.

Part of Route 6 had to be closed to public traffic while police officers conducted an investigation into the incident and maintenance crew members cleaned the area.

Grecio Honda company officials declined to comment on the matter.

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Motorcyclist involved in fatal accident may be charged with more offenses: Johnston police

The Johnston Police Department in Rhode Island, in cooperation with the Johnston medical examiner’s office and the state Attorney General, is set to decide whether 64-year-old John Palermo, who has already been charged with two felony counts of personal injury resulting and driving to endanger for his involvement in the death of two individuals and the injuring of one other in a motorcycle accident, should face additional charges.

Palermo allegedly crashed into a propane grill at a pig roast along Angelico Street on August 19, causing an explosion that killed two and hurt another.

Johnston Police Chief Dan Parillo said on Wednesday, November 2 that if Palermo, who is also facing charges of one misdemeanor count of driving to endanger, personal injury resulting, and finally a misdemeanor charge of reckless driving, should be found out to have directly caused the deaths of the victims in the motorcycle accident, more charges would be heaped on him.

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Motorcycle accident causes death of two women in Johnston

Johnston Police Department Deputy Chief Daniel Parillo said last Monday they are uncovering some important test results. The results will help authorities discover the cause of death for two women. Patricia Manney Jones and Dolores Pagano allegedly died because of one man’s reckless motorcycle accident.

Jones lost her life in early October 2016 while Pagano died about a week ago. Parillo said both women died because of fire injuries, including severe burns. Authorities are working with the office of Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin and the medical examiner to definitively assess the cause of death.

The injuries of both women stemmed from a propane explosion set off by a motorcycle accident. After a barbecue at 60 Angelico Street in Johnston, Rhode Island, John Palermo was in a motorcycle crash. Neighbors said Palermo, a guest to the party, drove into a driveway and crashed into a large smoker and propane tank, setting off the explosion.

‘I lied to protect colleague in medical malpractice lawsuit’

Dr. Lars Aaning confessed that he once lied in court to protect a colleague who was accused of medical malpractice almost two decades ago. Today he is a patient safety advocate.

Even though he had personal knowledge that his colleague caused his patients to suffer after surgery, he was unwilling to testify against him in trial.

The doctor accused of malpractice was acquitted, and Aaning has carried a deep guilt with him over his decision. Now 77 years old and retired, Aaning wrote about his experience for a column in his local newspaper, The Yankton County Observer. He currently assists the medical malpractice lawyer he testified against.

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Driver of bus did not brake in fatal tractor-trailer collision

According to Bristol Herald Courier, a bus and tractor-trailer collision occurred last Sunday, October 23 around 5:15 a.m. The accident happened along Interstate 10 near Palm Springs, California, killed 13 individuals and injured 31 others.

California Highway Patrol Border Division Chief Jim Abele said the bus driver did not brake at all. Abele said, “There’s no indication whatsoever that the driver applied the brakes.” He added, “They just keep pulling bodies stuck in between the seats. It’s just due to this bus going so fast into the back of the truck. Why he did that, that’s what we’re trying to find out.”

USA Holiday had license to travel between states, which required bus driver Teodulo Elias Vides to drive within federal limits on regulated work hours. Under the circumstances police authorities described, Vides was within those limits. He departed Los Angeles at 8 p.m. and came back less than 12 hours later, which put the ceiling of the driving time at a 10 to 15-hour span.

Galaxy Note 7 smartphones banned on American airline flights

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones are no longer allowed aboard airplanes. Specifically, the ban applies to passenger or cargo aircraft flying within, from, and to the United States. The announcement came from the Federal Aviation Administration on Friday, October 14.

The Department of Transportation said, “Passengers who attempt to evade the ban by packing their phone in checked luggage are increasing the risk of a catastrophic incident. Anyone violating the ban may be subject to criminal prosecution in addition to fines.” The FAA also informed airlines and an industry trade group of the new policy on Friday.

Apparently, Samsung Electronics America spokeswoman SungIn Cho welcomed the new policy. According to her, “We have encouraged airlines to issue similar communications directly to their passengers.”

The ban coincides with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s announcement of a recall on Thursday, October 13. At the time, they had 93 reports of overheating batteries in the country.

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Distracted driving with your furry friends along for the ride

Cell phones and other mobile devices are not the only possible causes of distracted driving. Some drivers bring their pets along on road trips, oblivious of the fact that pets can cause distractions to them.

Keeping your dog leashed in your car while the vehicle is moving can be a step toward vehicle safety. An animal off its leash has the capacity to move around the vehicle, causing the driver to move his or her eyes toward their furry friend instead of on the road.

Dogs can also be a prospective weapon. Imagine your dog, even if behaved, is unbuckled from its cage or seat. Should you need to suddenly stop your vehicle, there is a possibility that your dog will fly like a projectile. With enough force, a dog that slams into your face or your child can cause serious injuries.

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