If you believe that your accident and injury was caused by the negligence of another person, there is good reason for you to begin exploring what compensation may be available to you by filing a personal injury claim. Personal injury claims that are based on allegations of negligence will need to be able to demonstrate that the following are true:

  • A duty existed—i.e. not to operate a vehicle while intoxicated;
  • That this duty was disregarded—i.e. the responsible party did drive while intoxicated;
  • That an accident was caused by this disregard for duty—i.e. the accident was the result of the responsible party being intoxicated;
  • This disregard of the duty caused actual harm—i.e. you or a loved one was hurt by the intoxicated driver.

If you or a loved one was hurt in an accident that was caused by the negligence of someone else, you should consult with a Rhode Island personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, Accident & Injury Lawyers, Ltd., about the legal rights and options available to you at this difficult time. To speak with an experienced and caring personal injury attorney in Rhode Island about the particulars of your situation, please call our offices at (401) 751-8855 today.

Written By: Ronald J. Resmini

Last Updated : Wednesday, April 26, 2023