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Med. Malpractice Suit After Slow Removal of Lithium Batts.

Florida parents Cole Parsons and Courtney Thorne filed a medical malpractice suit on Wednesday, December 28. They filed against Jacksonville-based Wolfson Children’s Hospital and Dr. David Smith. The parents are claiming their baby suffered severe burns from the lithium battery she ingested because the physician took around five hours to remove said battery from the baby’s … READ MORE

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‘I Lied To Protect Colleague in Med. Malpractice Lawsuit’

Dr. Lars Aaning confessed that he once lied in court to protect a colleague who was accused of medical malpractice almost two decades ago. Today he is a patient safety advocate. Even though he had personal knowledge that his colleague caused his patients to suffer after surgery, he was unwilling to testify against him in … READ MORE

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Rhode Island Lawyer Explains Medical Malpractice

If there is cause for you to believe that a loved one has suffered permanent injury or death due to negligence of someone in the medical profession you should seek an opinion from an experienced Rhode Island Lawyer with the ability to investigate your case and get you the answers you need. One of the … READ MORE

Written By: Ronald J. Resmini

Last Updated : Friday, July 15, 2022