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Galaxy Note 7 Phones Banned on American Airline Flights

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones are no longer allowed aboard airplanes. Specifically, the ban applies to passenger or cargo aircraft flying within, from, and to the United States. The announcement came from the Federal Aviation Administration on Friday, October 14. The Department of Transportation said, “Passengers who attempt to evade the ban by packing their phone in … READ MORE

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Samsung Washing Machines Liable To Explode in the U.S.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a warning on Wednesday, September 28 about Samsung washing machines. Specifically, the machines are prone to explosion, especially units manufactured between March 2011 and April 2016. Samsung is advising consumers to use a lower speed delicate cycle when washing water-resistant and bulky materials. Apparently, no explosion incidents occurred when using these cycles. The company clarified … READ MORE

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Antibacterial soap ingredients banned by FDA

The United States Food and Drug Administration ordered a ban of 19 chemicals used as active ingredients in antibacterial soap, as well as hand and body wash.  On September 2, the FDA noted that companies have a year to take out these ingredients from their products. They banned nineteen chemicals as a result of this action. … READ MORE

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A Short Overview of Product Liability Law by RI Lawyer

In the United States, defective or dangerous products cause thousands of people to incur injuries each year. You may have a defective product liability claim if you have been injured while using a product. If the product is not defective and you were injured while using the product you will not have legal grounds. There … READ MORE

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Last Updated : Monday, July 11, 2022