Insurance adjusters are insurance company employees whose job is to determine the outcome of personal injury and property damage claims. While many insurance adjusters thoroughly review each case and arrive at a fair conclusion, others employ unethical tactics. To protect yourself from these bad-faith methods, you should behave in a way that scares your insurance adjuster into doing the right thing.

By arming yourself with knowledge, devising a strategic plan, demonstrating persistence, and hiring an experienced lawyer, you can encourage an insurance adjuster to deliver a fair offer you are willing to accept. Below is your step-by-step guide to achieving this goal.

Understand How Insurance Adjusters Work

The first step in scaring an insurance adjuster is understanding how they operate. Adjusters work for insurance companies. As such, their primary goal is to save the company money. They do this by settling claims as quickly and cheaply as possible. By recognizing that adjusters have a vested interest in minimizing payouts, you can approach your case with an informed perspective, making you a formidable opponent.

Know How Adjusters Attempt to Minimize Compensation

Adjusters may try various tactics to minimize your compensation. Some standard methods include:

  • Disputing the severity of your injuries
  • Arguing that your injuries existed before the accident
  • Claiming you are partially or entirely at fault for the accident

By familiarizing yourself with these tactics, you can prepare strong counterarguments to protect your claim. Gather medical records, witness statements, and other evidence supporting your case to refute these attempts to undermine your claim.

Take Your Time to Review an Offer

One effective way to instill uncertainty or concern in an insurance adjuster is by waiting to respond to a settlement offer. While this approach may seem counterintuitive, remember that adjusters aim to resolve claims quickly. When you don’t provide a prompt response, they may worry that you are likely to reject the offer they have proposed.

Taking the time to review a settlement offer carefully has additional benefits. Your measured approach may lead the adjuster to believe that you are assessing the possibility of requiring further medical treatment, which could increase the costs for the insurance company in the long run. Conversely, if you accept an offer hastily, the liability is settled, leaving you without recourse if you need additional treatment later.

By taking your time, you communicate to the insurance adjuster that you are committed to obtaining a fair settlement and are unwilling to accept an unsatisfactory offer quickly. This strategy may encourage the adjuster to negotiate further and present a more reasonable settlement.

Reject a Lowball Offer in Writing

Insurance adjusters often start with a lowball offer, hoping you will accept it without question. To scare an insurance adjuster, you must demonstrate that you know the true value of your claim. Reject the lowball offer in writing and provide a detailed explanation of why you believe the offer is inadequate. Outline your injuries, the treatment you have received, and the impact on your daily life, and include supporting documentation. This shows the adjuster that you are serious and well-informed, which may lead them to reconsider their initial offer.

Finish Your Treatment Before Accepting a Settlement

It can be tempting to accept an offer to cover your immediate medical expenses, but you may not realize the full extent of your injuries or their long-term costs. Insurance adjusters know this and may try to pressure you into settling early. Refusing to settle until you have finished treatment demonstrates to the adjuster that you are not desperate and will not accept an unfair offer. This can make them more inclined to negotiate a fair settlement.

The Best Way to Scare an Insurance Adjuster? Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

The most effective way to scare an insurance adjuster is by hiring an experienced personal injury attorney. A skilled lawyer knows the tactics adjusters use and can counteract them with compelling evidence and persuasive arguments. By enlisting the help of a legal expert, you show the adjuster that you are serious about your case and that you have the knowledge and resources to fight for a fair settlement. Insurance companies are more likely to offer fair compensation when they know they are up against a formidable legal opponent.

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Written By: Ronald J. Resmini

Last Updated : Thursday, August 24, 2023