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Motorcycles are more popular today than ever before.  Some people ride them as a hobby and others ride them because they can save money on gas.  Drivers are now sharing the road with millions of motorcycle enthusiasts everyday which requires each driver to me more aware of the vehicles that are around them.  However, as … READ MORE

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Update: RI Tort Law & Personal Injury Practice By, R.J.R.

Chapter 2 Negligence #85 In Ouch v. Khan Khea,963 A 2d 630 (R.I. 2009) two automobile passengers brought a tort (def> a tort is a wrongdoing that results in injury to another person or damage to another’s property) action against the defendant/driver, who belonged to the same street gang as the passengers, alleging that the … READ MORE

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Ronald J. Resmini Law Offices in Rwu Law Magazine

Please check out an article that appeared in the RWU Law Magazine (Roger Williams University School of Law Magazine) about the Ronald J. Resmini Law Offices by Denise Perreault. I’ve copied the article below, but to view the full article, please click on the link I’ve provided. http://law.rwu.edu/sites/law/files/flipbooks/fall2012/index.html#/26/ All in the Family To Practice or Not … READ MORE

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Nightclub Fire in Brazil Evokes Memories of 2003 Fire in RI

Early Sunday morning, over 230 people were killed in a horrific nightclub fire in Southern Brazil.  Similar to the night club fire in Rhode Island in 2003, which left over a hundred people dead and 200 more injured, the blaze in Brazil looks to have been caused by the band’s pyrotechnics igniting insulation in the … READ MORE

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Loss of Consortium in Personal Injury & Auto Accident Cases

In Desjarlis v. USAA. Co. 824A.2D 1272 (R.I. 2003 , the husband who was injured in an auto accident, settled with the tortfeasor’s (person who commits a wrongful act) insurance company for the policy limits  (medical), and his uninsured motorist carrier (defendant) consented to this settlement. The wife did not notify the tortfeasor, his insurance … READ MORE

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