Are you wondering which type of trial will be a better option for you as you seek justice in your personal injury case? You’re not alone. Many experienced personal injury attorneys will recommend one over the other, as each offers their own benefits and drawbacks.

When a judge determines the outcome of a personal injury trial, it’s called a “bench trial.” In these situations, the judge will assume two roles: first, he or she will determine the admissibility of evidence; second, he or she will rule on the credibility of that evidence as well as that of any witnesses in order to deliver a final verdict.

A bench trial is generally considered to be favorable for complex cases that involve a great deal of legal jargon, as these types of cases pose the risk of confusing or overloading a jury. However, a personal injury case is a civil case and therefore the standard of proof is less complicated than in criminal trials. Also, juries are more inclined to be swayed by the emotional aspects of a case, and emotional appeals are a major aspect of most personal injury cases.

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Written By: Ronald J. Resmini

Last Updated : Friday, July 15, 2022