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DePuy and their parent corporation, Johnson and Johnson, did their customers a disservice, to say the least, by introducing two separate artificial hips, because neither worked as advertised. The Articular Surface Replacement (ASR), an all metal contraption, is currently the subject of $4 billion worth of lawsuits. The other, known as the Pinnacle, is expected to face thousands of claims in litigation, as well.

ASR and Pinnacle Device

To date, it is unknown just how many Rhode Island residents have been fitted with the ASR or the Pinnacle device, but the Resmini Law Firm in Providence stands ready to help those who were.

The ASR, which had a metal ball fitted into a metal cup, was sold until 2010. The problem was that it sheds metallic debris as it wears, generating particles that have damaged tissue in some patients or caused crippling injuries. Ultimately DePuy recalled the device, but not until it was too late for thousands of patients. Problems arose in England and Australia before the United States, but DePuy insisted that the problem with the surgical technique, not the device. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration had rejected DePuy’s efforts to sell the device in the United States for a time period because of concerns about “high concentration of metal ions” in the blood of patients who received it. DePuy neglected to tell those physicians in Australia and England about that determination.

DePuy Deceit

The all metal units were used by orthopedic surgeons because they believed they would have greater longevity than their plastic counterparts. This belief was backed up by DePuy, even though they knew it to be false. Most artificial hips last as long as 15 years before they have to be replaced.  As part of the ongoing lawsuits, internal DePuy documents showed that the ASR had a 40% failure rate within five years, which is eight times higher than its counterparts.

As there is a tentative settlement agreement, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and patients throughout New England should contact the firm of law Ronald J. Resmini to determine their rights should they have an ASR or another form of hip replacement. Our attorneys have over 50 years of experience in working with claimants in personal injury cases, including faulty medical device product liability cases.

You Are Entitle to Settlement

One part of the settlement allows those patients who were fitted with a faulty ASR to be refitted with another replacement hip. Furthermore, each of those patients will also receive a cash settlement.

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Written By: Ronald J. Resmini

Last Updated : Wednesday, September 6, 2023