Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys in Warwick If you sustained injuries in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, you’re probably in shock and don’t know what you should do next. The car accident lawyers at Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, Accident & Injury Lawyers, Ltd. know the trauma you’re experiencing and how something like this can affect every area of your life. Someone else’s poor decisions led to your injuries, and now you’re forced to face a painful and extensive recovery. You shouldn’t suffer the financial losses associated with medical treatment and other costs that flow from your injuries.

When you hire us, we will use our experience and knowledge to pursue the maximum compensation you need to afford your expenses, so you’re not forced to pay for anything out-of-pocket. The other driver was at fault for the crash and should suffer the consequences of their actions. The dedicated and compassionate Warwick drunk driving accident attorneys of Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, Accident & Injury Lawyers, Ltd. will advocate for your rights and remain by your side in the fight for justice. Call us for a free consultation at (401) 751-8855, and we will review your case to determine the best options to hold the drunk driver liable.

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    Why Choose Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, Accident & Injury Lawyers, Ltd.?

    Many accident victims will choose not to hire a Warwick drunk driving accident attorney for fear they can’t afford the expensive legal fees. You’re already paying for your medical treatment and don’t want to face debt while pursuing legal action against the other driver. You might think it’ll save you money in the long run. However, that could negatively affect the outcome of your case. Without proper legal representation, you likely won’t know state laws associated with drunk driving car accidents and how to handle common obstacles that arise during the legal process.

    When you hire Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, Accident & Injury Lawyers, Ltd., our legal team can completely take over your case and handle every step from start to finish on your behalf, such as:

    Getting insurance policies – We will request a copy of the at-fault driver’s liability insurance policy to determine the available coverage. The minimum required limits for bodily injury and property damage are $25,000. That could compensate for the expenses you incurred during treatment.

    Investigating – We will thoroughly investigate what caused the accident and locate crucial evidence to prove your injuries were the result of the other driver’s actions, such as:

    • Copies of your medical records and medical bills
    • Video surveillance footage of the crash
    • Accident scene photos
    • Police reports
    • Eyewitness statements
    • The drunk driver’s breath or blood test results
    • Receipts from establishments showing the driver purchased alcohol before driving

    Filing a claim – We can file the insurance claim on your behalf and submit the evidence we found to the insurance company.

    Negotiating – We will use aggressive tactics to negotiate for the full and fair settlement you deserve from the insurance company.

    Filing a lawsuit – Insurance companies will do everything in their power to deny that their policyholder was liable for an accident. If they deny your claim or refuse to settle for the maximum compensation you deserve, we can file a lawsuit and take your case to court.

    Compensation You Might Be Entitled To After a Drunk Driving Accident

    Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys in Warwick Filing an insurance claim could be effective in recovering a settlement that compensates for your past and future losses. The losses you suffered likely fall under three distinct classifications – physical, emotional, and financial. You not only incurred expenses from treating your injuries and repairing your damaged vehicle but also endured physical and emotional pain. The at-fault driver’s insurance company should provide the compensation you need to cover your associated losses, such as:

    • Medical bills
    • Permanent disability
    • Emotional distress
    • Out of pocket expenses
    • Lost wages
    • Lost earning capacity
    • Pain and suffering
    • Costs to repair or replace your vehicle

    The minimum liability limit available from the at-fault driver’s insurance policy might not sufficiently cover your total losses. After receiving a settlement from the liability insurance company, you might be able to file a claim with your auto insurance company to supplement your remaining losses.

    Underinsured motorist (UM) coverage provides compensation to an accident victim when the available liability limits aren’t high enough. If you opted to purchase UM insurance, Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, Accident & Injury Lawyers, Ltd. could file a claim with your UM insurance company and attempt to cover your additional losses, so you don’t have to pay for them yourself.

    What Are My Options If a Drunk Driver Killed My Loved One in a Car Accident?

    Rhode Island statute § 10-7-1 defines wrongful death as the neglect, default, or wrongful act of one person causing another person’s death. Losing someone in a car accident can cause significant emotional pain. Discovering the other driver was under the influence can make the situation even more upsetting. They could have avoided this devastating crash if they had made the right decision to avoid getting behind the wheel of a car. Unfortunately, their negligence put you and your family in this situation, and now you have the right to hold them liable for your suffering.

    The administrator or executor of your relative’s estate is the only person entitled to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. They must do so in the interest of any surviving family members, such as:

    • Spouse and children
    • Spouse
    • Heirs to the estate, such as parents, grandchildren, and other parties (if there is no surviving spouse or child)

    The losses available in a wrongful death lawsuit are meant to compensate the estate and surviving relatives. They may include:

    • Pain and suffering
    • Lost wages and benefits, including any the deceased could have earned if they survived the accident
    • Funeral and burial expenses
    • Medical bills associated with the deceased’s fatal injury
    • Damage to personal property during the accident
    • Loss of companionship, care, and guidance provided to surviving family members by the deceased
    • Punitive damages

    The time frame for filing your lawsuit under the statute of limitations in Rhode Island is three years. That means you would have three years from the date of your loved one’s death to sue the at-fault driver. If the deadline passes but you attempt to file anyway, the court will most likely dismiss the case.

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    The Warwick drunk driving accident attorneys of Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, Accident & Injury Lawyers, Ltd. will prioritize you and your family when you hire us. We take cases like this seriously and will work hard to hold the at-fault driver accountable for their actions and seek the compensation you need to get on the road to recovery. We will provide you with the guidance and support you deserve to get through this devastating experience and achieve your legal goals.

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    Written By: Ronald J. Resmini

    Last Updated : Tuesday, February 27, 2024