Dog Safety Tips For Babysitters

Dogs play many roles in the family – friend, companion, protector, and more. They become so close with the family that our canine friends are viewed not as a pet, but as a member of the family. For this reason, dogs can have adverse reactions when meeting strangers who they may perceive as a threat to their home. It is crucial that the owner understand the dog’s body language in order to anticipate bad situations and to prepare guests for proper etiquette when meeting the dog for the first time.

Our Providence personal injury lawyers contacted the experts at Safer America and Doggone Safe, who advocate the “Be a Tree” program, which educates children how to “speak dog.” The program also helps dog lovers understand subtle behavioral cues. Did you know that dogs can show stress simply by licking his lips, pulling his ears flat back, or even by yawning? Knowing a little more about dog behavior can help owners prevent altercations and strangers avoid confrontation.

8 safety tips for babysitters and dogs