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Man in critical after being struck by car in road rage incident in Tiverton

TIVERTON, RI – A pedestrian was hurt in a hit-and-run on Sunday, with police still looking for a suspect in Tiverton.

The Newport Daily News reports that the accident took place close to 6:45 p.m. near 501 Bulgarmarsh Road where a 32-year-old man was found unresponsive after being struck by a vehicle that had fled the scene.

The man had reportedly gotten out of his vehicle to confront a dark SUV that had been seen following close behind when the driver of the SUV accelerated into the man, dragging him an estimated 50 feet before running him over.

The man was in critical condition and was rushed to an area hospital.

Tiverton Police Department is still searching for the suspect, who they believe is driving an Acura MDX.
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Driver rams several cars in Galilee while evading arrest

NARRAGANSETT, RI – A woman who deliberately crashed into several cars while evading arrest was hospitalized after being extricated from her burning vehicle in Galilee on Tuesday.

WPRI reports the string of incidents began when a Department of Energy Management (DEM) employee requested that a woman in an illegally parked car move her vehicle. The driver of the vehicle, who had been sleeping, awoke to antagonize the DEM employee, who called the police.

The driver fled the area upon seeing the officer’s arrival in a patrol vehicle, speeding down Galilee Escape Road. The driver attempted to U-turn to avoid being pulled over and reportedly smashed her car into the officer’s deliberately.

As other vehicles, including a Narragansett police car and a civilian vehicle, attempted to slow or stop the woman, she repeatedly crashed into those cars as well.

The woman was eventually removed from her vehicle by several people on the scene after her vehicle caught on fire.

Responders took the woman to South County Hospital for her injuries, the severity of which is unknown at this time.

An officer sustained non-life-threatening injuries in connection to the incident as well.

This event is part of an ongoing investigation by the Narragansett Police Department. The story may be updated as further details become available.

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Completely overturned vehicle injures one person in Middletown

MIDDLETOWN, RI – One person suffered minor injuries after a rollover crash on Two-Mile Corner Thursday afternoon.

WJAR reports that the accident occurred near 1:45 p.m. at East and West Main Roads, where a vehicle had been overturned for unknown reasons.

The person who sustained the injury has not been identified.

This incident is part of an active investigation. Details may be updated when further information becomes available.

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Crash that injured two in Tiverton under investigation

TIVERTON, RI – A single-vehicle crash sent a man to the hospital with serious injuries in Tiverton on Friday.

According to the Fall River Reporter, the crash occurred close to 9:50 when an Acura RSX was reported to have crashed near 506 Crandall Road.

The driver, Tiverton resident Austin John Medeiros, 24, was northbound when the car reportedly veered into the oncoming lane. The vehicle first crashed into a telephone pole and then came to rest in a front yard where it struck a tree.

Witnesses to the crash removed Medeiros and a passenger from the wreck before responders arrived.

Medeiros was then taken to Rhode Island Hospital where he was treated for serious injuries.

Police suspect that driver impairment may have a role in causing the crash. No criminal charges are listed in the report at this time.

The investigation into this incident is currently underway. Updates may contain additional information as it becomes available.

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Car Crashes into Tree, Kills One Driver in South Kingstown

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, RI – A crash into a tree resulted in one death on Friday morning.

KPRI reports that the crash occurred close to the Route 1 and Congdon Drive intersection close to 1 a.m.

The driver was killed, and no other injuries were reported.

Authorities have not released the driver’s identity.

The cause of the crash is unknown at this time.

This is a developing story. Details may be updated as information becomes available.

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Moped Accident on Admiral Kalbfus Road Kills Rider

NEWPORT, RI – A moped crash on the Admiral Kalbfus Road Rotary killed a man Tuesday night, reports KPRI.

According to police, the accident took place close to 11:30 p.m. when a man crashed his moped.

Responders declared the man dead.

The fatality victim is currently identified only as a 28-year-old man, pending notification of next of kin.

There was no cause given for the accident.

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Wrong-way crash kills former Cranston police officer, injures 2 others

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, RI – A former police officer died and two others were injured after a wrong-way crash in South Kingstown earlier this year.

According to the Providence Journal, former Cranston officer Robert Brown, 56, was driving north in the southbound lanes of Route 1 near Moonstone Beach Road when the crash happened.

Brown was pronounced dead at the scene.

Two Charlestown residents were injured in the crash.

Lisa Brunetti, 59, was rushed to a hospital via helicopter with serious injuries.

57-year-old Stephen Hatch sustained minor injuries and was treated on the scene.

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Crash on Rte 138 in North Kingstown sends woman to hospital

NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI – A woman was seriously injured yesterday when her vehicle veered off Route 138 south of Kingstown and slammed into a tree, WJAR reports.

The woman was westbound when she apparently lost control in a curve, causing the vehicle to leave the roadway and collide with a tree.

The car sustained extensive damage, which slowed the rescue process. It took North Kingstown firefighters several attempts before they were able to extricate the vehicle’s driver and sole occupant from the wreck using the jaws of life.

Emergency responders rushed her to an area hospital with serious, potentially life-threatening injuries.

State and local police continue to investigate the incident.

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Update: Officials Release Name of Victim Who Died- Amtrak

WESTERLY, RI – According to WJAR, officials have released the conductor’s name who fell from a moving train in Westerly Saturday.

Emily Herrera, 26, was preparing for the train to stop when she fell off the train around 2 p.m.

Herrera’s coworkers went looking for Herrera when she didn’t answer her radio. Her body was found 150 feet north of the station.

The incident is under investigation by Amtrak and local police.

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Amtrak Conductor Falls off Train, Dies Near Train Station

WESTERLY, RI – WJAR reports that an Amtrak conductor died after falling off a train near the Westerly train station.

According to the police, the 26-year-old woman was found dead near the High Street Bridge overpass. The medical examiner later retrieved the body.

The incident is under investigation by both Amtrak and local police.

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Last Updated : Friday, July 8, 2022